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The Voyage East (Part III)

After leaving Washington, we drove down to Harrisonburg, VA where the goodwoman of the house was living when we found each other. We had a few things to do on our list, and we accomplished most of them.

On the way down, we stopped in to McKay's bookstore in Manasses, VA and picked up a bunch of books to ship home. Wonderful bookstore!

Hess Gas Harrisonburg
Lowest we saw gas anywhere during the whole month. This is where we liked to come and fill up our fizz mugs.

We were hosted by ToniAnne's good friends the Fordhams who lived in Weirs' Cave close by, and spent some good time with them playing games in the evenings. We were also provided with packing materials and sent two boxes of books and yarn home, the first of many to be mailed on this trip.

We visited our lovely friend (and Boss) Melissa, and took in Yarn Mountain as well:

Yarn Mountain
Melissa in Yarn Mountain

We dined together at L'Italia, a wonderful Italian restaurant in Harrisonburg, and then visited her home and fed grass and comfrey to her neighbor's horses:


Tiger Lilies in Broadway, VA

Also visited our good friends the McCleves, whose home we bought in Payson, and both had a massage at the magical hands of Judy Long, who really knows how to get the knots out.

We ate a Greek Pizza at the Galley in Harrisonburg - we were disappointed that the Galley II had closed, due to a lease dispute, but the pizza was good. ToniAnne's daughter Katie will be sad to know it's gone when she gets off her mission.

Galley Pizza
It's hard to find a pizza shop that uses kalamata olives on a Greek pizza...

In Staunton we walked around a bit, spent time reading, relaxing and feeding ducks in Gypsy Hill Park:

Staunton Park

We visited the old movie theatre where ToniAnne volunteered, and ate dinner in the Depot restaurant - had a really nice prime rib there.
Depot Staunton

Table decoration

Paid a visit to Sharp Shopper, our favorite stack-it-deep-and-sell-it-cheap grocery store:

Many stores cater to the Mennonite trade here.

And ate at Jaliscos, a Mexican place we loved. They used to make the most wonderful slaw which they would bring out with the chips and salsa. This trip, either they had a different chef or they had changed their recipe, because it was nowhere near as good as we had remembered it.

We wished there had been more time for visiting with our gracious hostess, but we had lots to do and not much time to do it in. And, there will be another trip.

Next up: The Maine Attraction.

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Jul. 7th, 2012 12:10 am (UTC)
awesome pics for a awesome trip :)


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