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Look Back | Look Forward

Back on December 28, I posted this, about my adventures in trying to get my Comcast cable service disconnected (we're keeping the internet part, but don't need cable TV any longer.)

Here is Part II of the saga.

UPDATE: Well, the next day, I got one box and one RMA label, instead of the two boxes I was expecting - fortunately I was able to cram everything in, packed up my equipment, sent it off, and thought that would be the end of it. Until I noticed on my bill for January that I'm still being billed for cable service.

On the 28th, I called Comcast to see what was going on. The friendly agent told me they don't have the authorization to handle this kind of thing, and transferred me to the "retention" department (Read: People who are trained to talk you out of cancelling your account.)

So I spent about half an hour on the phone with some guy, who ends up telling me that he's not going to cancel my account effective November, because they didn't get the equipment back until January. He offered to shut it off as of December 28, but I told him that wouldn't do. Ended up asking for a supervisor, and he promised that a supervisor would call me back within two business days. Here it is on the 10th of February, and no one has called me back. So off we go again.

Called Comcast today, and the first rep I got listened to my whole story, and then told me she wasn't able to hear a thing I was saying. How convenient. I hung up and called back, and the next rep politely listened and said they would have to transfer me back to the Retention Department. Fine, fine... I get another friendly rep on the line who says she's in California and can't handle Utah accounts - so she'll have to transfer me. Back on hold, with annoying advertising blaring in my ear.

Last rep came on, and - hopefully - took care of things for me, cheerfully and quickly. She back-dated the charges for Cable service to 24 November, and said it would take 48 hours or so to show up. We'll see what happens as of my next bill.

What an absolute nightmare this has been.

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