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Flawed humanity. And your point would be?

A recent back-and-forth over at a friend's Livejournal led me down a path of thought that wanted to be recorded, so I could get it out of my head.

I find myself quite disturbed by articles like this, where writers create clickbait out of a story that has basically no meaning. "Towering legend, flawed man? Martin Luther King's image evolving," trumpets the headline.

Put on top of that the immense buzz that's making the rounds among Democraps and Repuglicans alike, about Mitt Romney's heartless animal cruelty.

For the love of Mogg's maiden aunt, [here beginneth the quoted comment] that story is so far removed from anything that I think it's insane for the pundits, pandits, scandal-mongers and roflrazzi to try to make anything out of it. First, it was 25 years ago. No matter how smart, everyone looks at the world through different sunglasses. I think it's entirely possible for Romney to have thought at the time that the dog would be perfectly fine up there, especially with a windshield to block the airflow - after all, dogs are notorious for enjoying a ride with their head out of the car window anyway. So now you've got a poopy dog in the middle of a road trip. What do you do... At least cleaning the dog off was kinder than letting it sit in its own filth for the duration of the trip.

Was it kind? Probably not the best option. Was it cruel? I don't think he had any intention of tormenting the dog. A single judgment of this nature is by no means sufficient evidence to look into the man's heart and tell me he's not a fit father, a fit human being or a potentially fit president.[Here endeth the citation.]

Romney, King, Gandhi, Mandela, Edison, Schweizer, Nightingale, Solzhenitsyn... all were flawed, just like you and me, and the man behind that tree. How many of us would be willing to put every stupid thing we've ever done on our websites for the world to see?

The Anatomy of Peace by the Arbinger Institute poses the question I wish every politician, journalist and pundit would ask before pressing another key or creating yet another soundbite: "There is a question I have learned to ask myself when I am feeling bothered about others: am I holding myself to the same standard I am demanding of them?"

In my experience, for every single one of the talking heads screaming for attention, the answer would have to be "no."

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Jan. 17th, 2012 05:13 pm (UTC)
I generally don't care about moral shortcomings that don't concern the person's claim to fame. But Edison stands out for taking others' credit. That's word worth spreading if true.


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