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Look Back | Look Forward

We've all gotten them. Tonight this one just struck me with a little more force than most, and I have to vent a bit.


From: "Name Redacted"
To: <everyone in my address book, plus Minnesota & Most of Sakatchewan>
Subject: FW: Fw: Fw: Fw: Fw: Fw: Fw: Fw: Fw: I want this back.....apparently it works.

Hope your wish comes true!!! Make sure you follow the directions carefully. I think we all need a little luck right about now.

This may just set the record for return emails and forwards. Leave it up to the Irish to come up with the answer to all our wishes. Well, at least one.

<Deleted from the middle of the message: about 50 animated gifs, 13 screamingly large font styles in eye-straining colors, one dancing leprechaun, endless line feeds with admonitions to "Scroll down!", 7 "testimonials" about miracles that happened when this message was forwarded, and - buried somewhere - a nice "Irish Friendship Wish." Then comes the best part:>

OK, this is what you have to do...Send this to all of your friends! I never believe these things but I like the sentiment.

But - you HAVE to send this within 1 hour from when you open it!

<Wait. You never believe these things but I HAVE to forward this within an hour? Will Microsoft pay me $1.00 for ever time I forward it? Will a little boy with cancer in Whistling Rock, Arizona attain his lifetime dream?

Now...............Make A wish!!!!!!

I hope you made your wish! Now then, if you send to:

1 person --- your wish will be granted in 1 year
3 people --- 6 months
5 people --- 3 months
6 people --- 1 month
7 people --- 2 weeks
8 people --- 1 week
9 people --- 5 days
10 people --- 3 days
12 people - -- 2 days
15 people --- 1 day
20 people --- 3 hours

If you delete this after you read it, you will have 1 year of bad luck! But... If you send it to 2 of your friends you will automatically have 3 years of good luck!!!

<sound of me raking my eyeballs out with a garden fork>

I made my wish. I wish people would never send me things like this.

Argh! People! Please get past the third grade... Why, if you believe this kind of nonsense, you might as well believe that the stars and planets control your destiny, or that sugarwater can heal diseases. Oh, wait...

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