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The Owl City Concert

Wife some time ago indicated she's really like to go see Owl City, and when a concert showed up in our area we made the effort to get tickets.

The venue was at Utah Valley University's event center, which looked like a lovely place to hear music.

Just a bit before we were to leave, I called UVU to find out when the doors were to open, and was greeted by a perky voice saying, "Oh, didn't you know? The venue was changed to Salt Lake (40 miles farther to the North) a week ago." Sweet. If I hadn't bothered to call, we would have toddled merrily up to the doors only to find out that there was no concert, and goodbye tickets. So nice of them to let us know. I wonder how many people were caught short.

So off we went to Salt Lake, stopping at the In-N-Out Burger joint in American Fork. I had never eaten there, and wanted to try it.

The food was OK. Not stellar. I'd give them a "B-". The fries animal style (hold on to your arteries - french fries smothered with cheese, onions and thousand-island dressing)

were tasty, and actually kept me going for the rest of the day, calorie-wise, but the spuds themselves seemed dry and almost cardboardy. I also had their double-double cheeseburger, which was acceptable, but I have to say I like Five Guys a lot better - bigger, juicier, and you get a lot more choices of what you can put on them.

Here's a view of the mountains outside the restaurant - still a lot of snow up there.

We got to "In the Venue" in Salt Lake at about 3:30, and parked right in front of the entrance. There were already about a dozen people in line, waiting in the scorching sun until the doors opened at 6. Instead of joining them, we took the light rail up to the University of Utah campus, and wandered around a bit reminiscing about the time we both were students there in the early 70's. So much has changed... even the ride up was interesting as we reviewed things that were gone and things that had come. We both missed Bill and Nada's café, and Max Mercier's "Le Parisien" which graced Salt Lake's restaurant scene for 31 years.

After our sightseeing junket, we took a campus shuttle back to the TRAX station and returned to the Venue, where we found the line much longer, but thankfully with a sliver of shade to stand in. And, as an added bonus, by the time the sun had moved around, a bunch of scud moved over and gave us some welcome cloud cover.

At 6, they opened the doors and started letting people in - but we noticed with some annoyance that those who had "will-call" tickets were checked in and given access before people who had hard tickets and had to wait in line; not the best way of generating good will from your patrons, we thought.

What we found inside was a dingy SRO bandstand locale, but we considered ourselves fortunate to find a riser to sit on - There's no way ToniAnne's knee would have endured 5 hours of standing.

In the Venue

At 5 to 7 - at least they started on time - we heard from Unwed Sailor, who provided - as indicated in Wikipedia - a series of Ambient Drones. I'm not sure what people see in them, but I didn't hear anything I would call music.

Unwed Sailor

This group was followed by Mat Kearney, who was warmly received - in fact, a young couple standing by me told me that they had come expressly to hear him. I could see why they liked him, his music is very pleasant. On his final number, to the delight of the spectators, he jumped down on to the floor and circulated through the audience giving handshakes and high-fives.

Mat Kearney sings "All I Need."

We then had a rather inexplicable one-hour wait before the main performer came on. I stepped outside for a few minutes to get some fresh air - it was hot in there, and I spent the whole time fanning myself and ToniAnne with a newspaper - suprisingly, my arm isn't that sore today. I got a view of the tail end of a Salt Lake sunset:

Just as I was taking the picture, I heard screams from inside, so I hurried back to rejoin ToniAnne for Owl City's performance.

Despite the heat, the lack of seating, and the crowded conditions, it was enjoyable. The young man does very nice music, his band backed him up well, and they did some really impressive things with the lighting:

He did a number of his most popular cuts as well as some that I hadn't heard before. I only wish I had access to the lyrics, the acoustics of the place made it hard to understand the words he was singing.

The concert ended at about 10:30 and we wended our way home. The day looked completely different than I thought it would, but all in all I was glad we went. I enjoyed the concert and the company, and you can't ask for much more than that.

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Jul. 14th, 2011 04:05 pm (UTC)
Glad Owl City isn't like Raccoon City.

BTW, I think I finally recognize your icon: Binky.
Jul. 15th, 2011 11:08 am (UTC)
Looks tops!
Well, except for the food lol


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