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The Huge Project

Now that my better half is home from her trip and has been duly surprised by the result, I can make this entry public.

Spent three days ripping up my kitchen floor. There used to be these "Eurostone" tiles on it, and over by the stove a few of them had slipped and were looking unhappy.

I had a few extras in the garage which the previous owner had left behind, so I thought I'd replace them. Once I got the old tiles up, I discovered a beautiful laminate (faux wood) floor underneath. I tried replacing the tiles, but the glue on the ones that had been in the garage was degraded, so they didn't stick that well. Add to that the fact that these tiles were beveled, and about 8 years of hqiz had settled in the cracks, with no hope of getting it out short of using a toothbrush in every groove. Ick. So I decided to go for the brass ring.

I started pulling up the tiles, and removing the remaining adhesive with "Oops." This worked fine until I ran out, and when I went to the hardware store for more, I found they had upgraded their formula to a "less harmful" version. Trouble was, it didn't work worth a darn. So I bought a gallon of "Goof-off" and a painter's vapor mask, and continued the work.

Looking good. Most of the tiles came up pretty easily, but some of them seemed to have triple glue and took a lot of huffing and puffing to get them lifted up. Once all the tiles were up, I re-buffed the floor with solvent to get off any remaining adhesive, caulked the cracks around the baseboards and laid new quarter-round around the cabinets. This job took me 3 days, starting Saturday July 2 and ending Monday July 4. I'm exhausted, but I feel awesome.

Here's the finished project.

Result: Awesome. This was not on my "honey-do" list, and I'm keeping it as a surprise for my wife when she gets back from Maine on the 6th or thereabouts. It was so much work I'm going to credit some of this effort toward her birthday...

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