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Sorry for the crude nature of the title, but when the shoe fits...

Some time ago, Pillsbury filed trademark infringement proceedings against a local company named "My Dough Girl." Sadly, they won - the owner chose discretion as the better part of valour and sought a new name for her company in order to stay in business - but it cost her a significant sum to effectuate the change. She even chose Responsible rather than Victim and declined to support web pages that vilified Pillsbury, hoping to avoid any further entanglements. And, I wish her much success.

All that, however, does not change the fact that the people at Pillsbury are douchebags for pursuing such a baseless action - and I will assiduously avoid the purchase of their products, worlds without end, if I can at all help it.

Now we have another fine example of douchebaggery:

Read Nadia Plesner's webpage here

Do Nadia a favor - don't buy Vuitton products, and spread the word.

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Mar. 19th, 2011 11:16 pm (UTC)
Not to worry--if I could *anything* from Louis Vuitton, I have far better things to spend it on.
Mar. 20th, 2011 06:26 am (UTC)
Problem with these frivolous threats from lawyers is they are not usually made by the brand name company but by the law firms they engage to protect their branding. Same as VW USA suing car clubs, restorers, mechanics and individuals for using anything with the VW name or image. it wasn't VW but the law firm they hired.

Seems they trawl looking for people to sue to justify their contracts with the brand name
Mar. 20th, 2011 10:58 am (UTC)
Good point, and well said. Ultimately, however, one call from a CEO or chairman to a legal firm would put a stop to a suit in a hurry. A company's silence in the face of negative publicity is tacit approval.
Mar. 20th, 2011 08:18 pm (UTC)
Thanks Old Wolf. At this stage I don't know if either Pillsbury or Louis Vuitton market their products in Australia or operate any subsidiaries here but I'll certainly keep my eye out to avoid any of their products if known (Eg: If I were buying a handbag for a future girlfriend's birthday), and recommend that my friends do the same. Ever since entrepreneur and Australia patriot Dick Smith introduced his products to counter imports I've been very consciously aware of choosing who I buy from (not that we have a lot of choice on this country).

Steamwolf is right about lawsuit hungry lawyers. Here's a story from 2005 that might amuse you if you haven't seen it previously. A lawyer leaped without looking at the opportunity to sue a company when he sceneted a wrongdoing. Problem is that the trail lead back to himself!


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