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As I archive items from Mom's files and my own, trying to bring order to the chaos of several lives, I re-encountered this article about Mom, which appeared in the March, 1957 edition of TV-Radio Mirror. [As a small item of interest, the publication used to be called Radio (and Television) Mirror, then Radio-TV Mirror, as time went on.]

This one in particular caught my attention because I remember the day of the photo shoot with crystal clarity, even though I was only five or so - and because a good part of the article was about myself.

It's a nice article, even though it contains some inaccuracies. We didn't live in a "charming, contemporary apartment" on Central Park West - a rather posh area of New York - but rather at the top of a rather dingy four-floor walkup in Germantown, on 85th and Lex. The two windows of my room can be seen to the right of the open window in the top floor. Still, it was home - and I have some good memories of the place.

I rememember getting up at night on occasion, and sitting in my window well watching the streetlights stagger from red to green all the way up Lexington avenue. This shot was taken from the living room window farther to the West, but gives an idea of my view.

Our living room, showing the door to my room on the left. Upon the chair on the right I would stand in full Superman regalia, watching George Reeves crash through walls on the small black and white set across the room. That was the WoW of the 50's, and I was just as addicted...

Regarding the teacher that I praised so highly, I think she was referring to the one I had for nursery school and kindergarten, Miss Gertrude Czinner. She was beautiful, and she was a saint. I loved her more than any other teacher I had in K-12.

I don't think I would have said that about my 1st and Second-grade teacher, who I recall as being invariably cross. If I did, it was at the beginning of the school year and I hadn't gotten to know her better.

The day of the photo shoot for this article was interesting. It was cold, and much of it was shot in Central Park, at the Museum of Natural History, or the Hayden Planetarium. For what it's worth, I hated hot dogs and wanted a hamburger. "Just pretend you like it," was the word I received, and if I don't look terribly enthusiastic about my snack, that's why. But I enjoyed the Cracker Jacks™, and there was no phoniness about my fascination for the dinosaur bones, the planetarium projector, and the rocket technology of the day.

Admiring a Triceratops

Marveling at the Zeiss Mark II projector, in use from 1935 to 1960 when it was replaced by a Mark IV.

To a five-year-old, you don't get any cooler than this. It was lit from the inside with red and green lights in various sections, and looked ready to soar off to Mars or somewhere.

Ick. Ugh. Pfaugh. Back in those days, I had not yet discovered the joy of eating almost anything...

Oh, the memories.

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