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500 Miles

Last night a person of great significance in my life called me up and told me that her daughter had just been admitted to the hospital up in Rexburg, Idaho with acute (no, it wasn't cute at all) appendicitis. It's her baby, attending school 2,000 miles away from Mom, and no family within reach. Naturally, Mom was frantic with worry.

So I made reassuring noises, and then after I had hung up, I threw a few things in a bag and hopped in Molly to drive the 235 miles to the hospital to spend the night watching over her last-born.

I didn't really do much, but one thing I learned from having been married to a nurse practitioner for many years, is that you never leave a loved one alone in a hospital. Despite the fact that the medical profession is full of dedicated, caring individuals, in today's world it's best to be safe rather than sorry.

The cute little thing was awake, more or less, albeit dozy and just a bit loopy from the anaesthesia, but we visited for a while, and about 2 AM I curled up on a small sofa at the end of the hall and caught a few Z's. In the morning, she was feeling much better, and - as is her wont - chatting at the speed of light.

About 7 or so, we called Mom, and let her talk to her offspring. About 30 minutes later she woke up to the fact that she was talking to her daughter on my phone, but I was supposed to be in Salt Lake. After she had managed to turn off the waterworks, we chatted for a while, and ended the call with a much-reassured Mother - not perfectly at peace, of course, because dang it, she couldn't be there - but comforted to know that someone who gave a rat's South-40 was watching over her precious gem.

Left the hospital around 8, stopped in at Denny's for a pancake gutbuster, and intended to drive home, but it soon became apparent that my true intention was to pull over and have a 3-hour nap so I would't crash from fatigue. Got home about 2:30, ran a whole bunch of errands and came home to get ready for my next adventure.

I feel good today.

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