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The rest of the trip

ComicCon in San Diego was only part of my exodus. There was much, much more during the week prior, and in the time that wrapped around.

On the way to San Francisco, I pulled off at a little hole in the wall in Westley, California. I looked at the Subway next door, and decided the Mexican place looked more appealing. Best decision I've ever made in my life. Well, almost.


The food was good. Insanely good. Best Mexican I've had outside of Mexico. Hot, tender, tasty, and cheap. If you're ever passing through Westley, stop at Antojitos (Yelp review under the link).

Interior shot

Arrived in San Francisco and spent the next week with 80 teenagers at Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma, where these amazing young people learned about Resistance, Resentment and Revenge, learned about their communication styles, learned the difference between Victim and Responsible, learned to work as a team, learned that they have choice around how to look at the things that may have happened to them in their lives, learned to start releasing negative energy around their primary relationships with their family, and learned how to dream big and recognize the power within themselves. Among many other things. Came away totally invigorated and uplifted by the energy these teenagers radiated.

An Old Wolf off to the left there somewhere

After the camp was over, I spent a day in the Bay Area and visited sleepyjohn00 and goodwitch779, feasted at "Fiore", an Italian restaurant somewhere, walked their dogs (RIP Poppy, I was honored to know her) and drunk deep at the well of their hospitality. Better people never were, and their likes will not be there again.

(This picture was taken in May of 2008, but it's a nice one)

Sadly bidding my friends farewell, I headed south, stopping in the LA area to see some more acquaintances of very, very, very long standing. Walter Barnett, the producer of "Spin City" and numerous other shows, has been a close friend since we were 4 years old, which means we have known each other - and there is a cluster of about 6 or 7 of us that have stayed in touch from that class - for about 54 years. I hadn't seen Walt for decades, and it was nice to finally catch him and his wife at home and spend a few precious moments catching up.

Nursery School Class. Facebook is helping us to reconnect - gradually I'm finding them, one by one. Click on the image 3 times to maximize.

Also swung by Santa Monica, and visited with Wally Boag and his wife Ellen, whom I have known since I was tiny - my father was a good friend of theirs, and I have been privileged to continue the friendship. Remember Wally at the Golden Horseshoe Revue at Disneyland? He was also one of the main scriptwriters for the Tiki Room show, and voiced José, the main narrator. His autobiography, The Clown Prince of Disneyland, is off the presses and should be available within days.

Sunset from Santa Monica palisades

Continued down the coast to San Diego, where I spent a day enjoying Mission Beach and Balboa Park, which I had never visited before. I'd love to spend a week exploring all the attractions there.

Mission Beach - took a 2-mile walk down to the pier and back - a perfectly lovely afternoon.

Reflecting Pool - Balboa Park

Japanese Friendship Garden - Balboa Park

After ComicCon was over (for me, at any rate), I drove back up to Anaheim where I met with powerful Samurai Danny Kang, who showed me a wonderful time - we ate at an amazing ramen restaurant, drove to Newport where we ate Sprinkles Cupcakes on a beautiful tide pool beach, and marveled at the 30-million-dollar beachfront homes. The surf was high, and it was beautiful to watch it crashing up onto the rocks.

Tide Pool Beach, Newport, CA

Turned my nose homeward, stopping in Riverside to visit with my mom's 95-year-old sister and her daughter, if only briefly - and then trundled my way up I-15 - slowly, thanks to a massive semi-trailer wreck at the 60/91/215 interchange. What a snarl! It took me over an hour to navigate the 14 miles to San Bernardino, where things finally cleared out.

The next evening at about 8:30 PM, my comfortable home welcomed me. What a trip that was... and I'm grateful that I made it safely.

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Jul. 29th, 2009 10:21 am (UTC)
great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Sounds like an excellent trip all 'round
Jul. 29th, 2009 03:02 pm (UTC)
what a wonderful trip to experience :) awesome pictures :)


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